Black Friday Marketing Scholarship 2017 [Worth $2000]

We Black Friday are on a special mission to help students on none other day than Black Friday! As we all know

Black Friday holds a very special position in every person’s life as there are many deals which allows us to save as much money we can save.

Keeping that in mind we have thought to give a scholarship worth $1000 to 2 Students from different universities.

So what is it you need to do? Nothing ! Just fill in the form below and try to be as honest as possible we will verify whole information with your university and you will be awarded with a $1000 on Black Friday 2017.

Keep in mind you would also have to describe why we give you this scholarship not to any other student so the one who convinced our Review team with his reason more the more chances that he will win scholarship 🙂


There is no eligibility criteria anyone can apply for this scholarship.

Selection Process & Notification Process

Our Review team will go through each and every application and will decide the applicant. You will be notified via email which you will give us in contact form.

How to Apply

  1. Fill in the form below ( Try to be as honest as possible)
  2. Notify other students of your university either via Email or your student blog (mentioning the link of this article in it)

No of Scholarships

2 Scholarships would be given to two different student $1000 worth each!


The deadline would be 22nd November 2017

Announce Date

The applicants who have won scholarships would be announced on Black Friday 2017 i.e 24 November 2017 12 AM GMT -5

Complete Your Entry Below